Life is beautiful.

“Life”, the simplest word, yet the most difficult to understand.
what is it about it that’s so grand?

Why we curse life every now and then?
Oh no! It happened to me again.
Why life always chooses me for the tough times?
What have I done, that’s bigger than the crime?
These are the questions we ask ourselves while cursing our life.

For us, life is jargon, life is hectic.
That’s why while talking about it, people become poetic!
Some say they hate their life, while others are living it because they don’t have other options.
Well! It’s not even allowed to put your life on auctions.

Why do we compare our lives with money and fame?
Why can’t we understand that life is not a game?
We search for happiness in large bars and city lights.
They surely don’t make us happy, instead make us blind.

Don’t you find life in the falling rain?
Singing your favorite song and the joy you gain?
Isn’t there a life in smiling eyes?
Looking towards the stars with clear skies?

Life is beautiful, life is a chance to give.
Don’t make it complicated, take a deep breath and live.

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