7 life lessons I didn’t learn in school.

Life is the greatest teacher. All the following lessons I’ve learned either from my closest friends, family members or through experience. I’m happy to share it with you.
Here we go.

1)The person who hurts you, is hurt himself/ herself.
Many times, we encounter a situation where a person hurts us by saying bitter words or by their actions.
And then, we get angry at them and tag them as bitter, or toxic individuals. But here, we’ve to understand that when a person tries to hurt others, it’s just because he’s hurt himself and there’s no one to understand him. This helplessness turns into frustration and it is then spilled on someone else.  Although by knowing and accepting this fact, we’re not accepting the genuinely toxic behavior, we’re just accepting the fact that not everybody is venomous in their heart and we should try to understand other person’s viewpoints and situations.

2)you can’t see your faults or mistakes, because you don’t do them intentionally.
How many times you’ve encountered a situation where you’re not ready to accept your faults told by others to you? It might have happened multiple times, right? Why does that happen? It’s Because when someone tells us our mistakes, we tend to disagree with them and tell ourselves that, “no, we’re not wrong, the other person is thinking otherwise.” But in this situation, we’ve to understand that no one can see their flaws unless someone shows them a mirror. Many times we don’t accept mistakes done by us because we don’t do them intentionally to hurt others, hence it doesn’t seem wrong to us.

3) Nothing is permanent. Good turns into evil and evil become good with time.
We tend to tag individuals as good and evil. We assume that ‘it is what it is. But while accepting this bias, we also tend to forget the basic law of nature, that nothing remains permanent. We have the power to change things to our advantage. I’ve seen many people who’ve transformed themselves into a completely new individuals. And I’ve also seen many, who were ideal in the eyes of many, but now, they’ve turned into someone who can’t be good to anyone. Our experience with life and our surrounding has a lot to contribute to this change

4)You can’t be good in the eyes of all, even if you do good to all.
When you become well-known for doing good to the needy, there will be many people who envy your good work, who’ll try to come into your way to distract you from your path even if you haven’t done anything wrong to them. It is inevitable even if you don’t expect this to appear because success or popularity comes with a curse. In this scenario, we’ve to remember that we can’t be good in the eyes of all, and it’s ok. We can’t do anything about it.

5)Life goes on.
We imagine ‘forevers’ with someone. On the last day of school, we had thought that we won’t be able to enjoy life as we did in school. But as time passes by, we start enjoying our college life, our office life, and in this way, life goes on. It doesn’t stop just because something has been left behind.
When our loved ones pass away, the whole world shatters in front of us. For some time, we become numb and start to think that it is our end too, we’ve also died at the moment our loved one did. But it is rightly said that “time is the ultimate healer.” With time, we learn to live without them, with their memories. With time, scars start to heal and we learn to live without something we hadn’t even imagined of.

6) The First impression is the wrong impression.
‘It’s not what it seems.’ We’re all obsessed with impressing others on our first meet. We try to behave as nicely as possible as we can. But deep down we all know that we’re not what we’re faking to others and these realities will come out in front of the other person sooner or later.
We know that the nice and generous behavior that we show during our interviews is not real. It’s for the sake of acceptance and gain. So the first impression is not the last impression, our consecutive behaviors play a big part in shaping our image in the eyes of others and we can’t be good all the time. Because at the end, we’re humans and we tend to do mistakes.

7)Your greatest strength is what you consider your greatest weakness
Do you think that your poverty is your biggest weakness because of which you face many difficulties in life? If yes, then this is for you. The fact is that we’ve many people surrounding us who’ve turned their weaknesses into strengths. Because when you lack the resources, you improve your capabilities. At that time, you don’t look outward for help, but you look inwards. You ask yourself the question about how can you win a race that has not been fair enough to you. Thank God that he has not given you everything you asked for. Because when you get everything easily, you overlook its significance. Only a childless mother can tell you the joy of having one. Only a hungry one, can tell you the value of dry bread. Only a homeless person will tell you the value of having a shelter that is safe and protects you from all adversities.

8 thoughts on “7 life lessons I didn’t learn in school.

  1. It is not your fault that you did not learn seven things in your school . Perhaps it is nobody fault at all . As these are the things learnt out the schools . Had you been taught that nothing is permanent in this world, then you would not have got study seriously . If you were declared weak that time , you would have meek in the entire life time . First impression is not always wrong , if you are quite experienced . Good Samaritans are always looked down upon , that’s why not taught in the schools . And only a wider mind can understand this that who hurts you , hearts himself , not a shool going child . That’s why these sermons are not given in the schools . Thanks .


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