The strength in our scars

Every now and then we vituperate our life by saying that it has never been fair enough to us. We hold our past within us that is hurtful, cruel, and sometimes traumatic. once in a while we visit our past in our head and replay all the moments that once hurt us, that once tried to break us apart, and by doing so, we start to feel weak, helpless and see ourselves as someone who lacks the strength to face the major difficulties in life.

But instead of seeing our past through a lens of helplessness, can’t we see it through a lens of strength, through a lens of experience? 

See, everyone agrees that it’s our own experiences that make us stronger, wiser, and better at dealing with forthcoming problems. So clearly there’s strength in our scars. Whatever we’ve gone through in life has only made us more stronger than before. It has added new life lessons to our learnings. And it is rightly said by Viktor Frankel that, “whatever you’ve experienced, no power on earth can take it from you.”
Everybody owns their personal experiences and strength that it carries within.

So, instead of cursing our life for testing us multiple times, we should thank it for imparting more strength within us, for making us a better person with time. We don’t have to use injustice done against us as a reason to harden our hearts and become a bitter person, as many people do. Instead, we’ve to soften ourselves whenever life will try to harden us. Because only we know how important compassion is, how important someone’s support in difficult times is, how vital someone’s soothing words are to our heart!

And at the end, we’ve to remember that life only tests those, who’ve strength to face those challenges.
More power to you!

10 thoughts on “The strength in our scars

  1. As a person going through a difficult phase of my life, Your words lifted my spirits up. I hope you continue writing cause reading such pieces sometimes heals you more than you know words are capable of.

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