Home within!

For many, home refers to a place where they’ve spent their childhood or where they’ve lived with their parents.
But for me, home is a feeling!
Home is your comforting place.
Home is something that you carry within yourself.

For many, home means another “special person”.
But for me, home means being “own kind of special” with yourself.
Home is not something that you feel while being with another person,
But it’s all about feeling at home with your all chaos.

Because home is a resting place, your comforting place, and it feels like endless skies.
And at the end of the day, we’re alone with ourselves with our mess, with our scars!
Comforting ourselves with the truthless lies.

5 thoughts on “Home within!

  1. It is absolutely true that one should feel home within . Home is not a physical phenomenon , it is a state of mind . That’s why a phrase like ‘at home in’ . Be comfortable with oneself , i.e is home . Lords Buddha left his palace , his wife , his son , his parents . Had his palace be his home , he would not have left it at all . He found his home within . That’s why he left his home . Your poetry is marvelous , thoughtful , and philosophical . Thanks .


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