Something that breaks you, makes you stronger!

Most of us had some points in our life where we felt like giving up, where it felt like everything is crumbling down to ashes, where it felt like our world is slowly and gradually collapsing, where life felt so cruel to us. every day felt like doomsday. every word, every action felt so heavier, it was so heavy that we were not even able to pick ourselves from the bed, it was so heavy that even our breath felt heavy, it was so heavy that we were about to give up breathing. But it is this same time, what proves to be the turning point in the life of many.

Life is so unpredictable. It does not always go according to our plan. When we are happy we think that this moment will remain forever. We don’t consider anything bad about it. but when something awful happens, we crumble down as we’ve never predicted something  horrible into our life

In these low moments of our lives, something inside us breaks apart. For some, this low moment can be the worst breakup, death of dear ones, huge financial loss that would take years to recover, worst form of rejection or death of dreams. Some of these moments seem too normal to us when it happens to others, but we should consider the fact that “only wearer knows where the shoe pinches”. 

In these low moments, we’ve only two choices, either to break apart and curse whatever has happened to us by feeling victimized, or learn everything that this incidence has to teach you, learn from it, grow from it. Because it is only the adversaries of life that teach you the most crucial lessons of life. These are the moments that demand a stronger you. These are the moments that give you a completely different version of yourself.
We should thank life every time it tests us, every time it puts us into a situation that tries to break us apart. Because only the broken person will know how it feels to be broken, how it feels to face all those difficulties all alone. We should thank our life for making us strong and revealing the powers hidden inside us.

When two atoms break apart, a vast amount of energy is released, similarly, when something breaks you, a huge, magical energy gets released from you and that is called as strength. So, if you’ve faced or facing any difficulty in life, face them with courage, face them by having faith in yourself. Life can’t break you for the same reason twice if you’ve acquired the power to face it with all your heart. You don’t feel the pain of the same thing with the same intensity twice. Remember that!

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