Happiness is a choice – part 2

In the first part, we’ve talked about how our mindset decides our happiness.

In this part, I would love to share with you an incident that will melt your heart and make you want to live more with whatever little you have.

This incident happened when my friends and I were sitting on the side of the road and were talking about the bittersweet shits we’ve gone through in life. In the meantime, three kids came near to us and asked us to buy their bin bags. We didn’t buy the bags but we offered them some coins. These three kids were the cutest kids we’d seen on roads. We clicked their photos and they were on cloud nine when they saw their pictures on our mobile. As I said they were the cutest, we thought to spend more time with them.

After some time, One of my friends asked this little boy whether he’ll dance. To this, he replied, “haan, jaane meri jaaneman par naachunga.” ( I’ll dance on the song ‘jaane meri jaaneman’)
So we played the song and these little kids danced their hearts out. They danced like they were the happiest kids on this earth, they danced like they have everything anyone could ask for, they danced like they don’t care about anyone around them, they danced like there’s no tomorrow, they danced like they’re angels.

These few moments that we spent with these kids taught us the most valuable lesson. Those kids didn’t have material prosperity, they didn’t have fame, they didn’t have financial stability. But the only thing they had was ‘life’.
These kids were alive, they were full of life, they were present in the moment, they were embracing the opportunity they got, they were being grateful for the present joy, they were carefree, they were enjoying their freedom which was not curtailed by the standards set by society.

On the other hand, we, the middle class or rich people curse our life every now and then for being unjust to us. We curse our life for not giving us something that we desire. Despite having most of the things, we still compare ourselves with those who’ve something extra as compared to us. Our desires never end, so do the sufferings.

Those kids taught us that to be happy, you don’t need to be rich, but to be happy, you need to be contented with whatever little you have. You need to be grateful for every small opportunity that you get along your path. These kids taught us that happiness comes from within, happiness resides within. Whenever you’ll try to find happiness outside yourself, you’ll only feel more dissatisfied and desperate.

Ps- we missed the opportunity to dance with these kids. but we’ll never miss the chance if we are given again.

15 thoughts on “Happiness is a choice – part 2

  1. Very well written ! But I think they were kids they don’t have responsibilities but grown up person have to aware of everything! But of course we need to enjoy the present. Thanks for sharing 💕👍🎉😊


    1. I agree with you. In my case, I believe that age doesn’t decides responsibilities. As those kids too had responsibilities of getting meal of two times to survive. They had responsibilities that most grown-ups don’t have. And I guess, to enjoy little moments, we don’t need to be a kid, we just need a heart that sees worth in every moment!
      Thank-you Priti for taking time out for reading and sharing your views. Gratitude!


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