The smell of first rain!

You were like the smell of first rain,
You faded away like it does when rain falls again and again!

I still remember when we immersed ourselves in the pouring rain,
Trying to forget our trauma and past pains.

The smell of first rain has something to do with you,
What it does, I still have no clue.

The smell of first rain reminds me of you,
Despite the colorful rainbow, I try to find something blue.

The feeling of deja-vu comes when I inhale this smell.
I still can’t figure out whether we were heaven or hell.

We had a beautiful time together, and not so beautiful too.
‘Forever’ was not in our case, we both knew!

We were trying to mend something that was fully broken.
Let’s not remember this, because some things are beautiful when they remain unspoken.

I was saying, that smell of first rain reminds me of you.
This feeling is comf and paradoxical too!

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