Good things take time

Meet Farishta!

Many of us want to have a pet(mostly a dog) in our homes. Almost every social media site glorifies having a pet. It will continuously show you cute videos of pups, of how they love unconditionally, etc etc.

Meet this cute little pup of ours. His name is ‘Farishta'( Angel). He’s three and a half months old now. We had brought him home when he was just a month old. So, like every normal human being who hasn’t pet a dog yet, we too believed that petting a dog is the simplest thing anyone can do because a dog loves you unconditionally and probably he’s the smartest animal on this planet!

Huh… But let’s now look at the reality.

This is the first click of his when we’d brought him home. Everybody in the home was super excited. But this excitement turned into frustration when we all were sleep-deprived for continuous 6-7 days. Yes, it takes time for puppies to adjust to new homes so they make noise at nights. Some say that it is probably because they miss their mother and siblings. Let me come back to the point. The initial one month was really hard. He used to poop and pee anywhere in the house. For once, we even thought of giving him away to our relatives but his innocent face kept us from doing that. (Note-  Almost every pup owner suffers from puppy blues. When you search it on Google, you’ll get to know that it means feeling low, overwhelmed, anxious, sad, and/or helpless shortly after getting a puppy and wondering whether it was the right thing to do.)

Days passed by, so the frustration. Slowly but steadily we and our pet started to understand each other. We both tried to adjust ourselves in each other’s comfort zone.
Now, Farishta has completed two and half months in our home and He’s super friendly to all of us and all our guests. It took time, but it was worth investing time in him. Now, he’s someone we can’t imagine our day without! He follows us everywhere we go. He dances like crazy when any one of us gets back home from outside. He celebrates our company and vice versa.

Like Farishta, many good things in our life take time to adjust, we just need to have patience and lower down our expectations. Be it a relationship or any other thing, nothing comes without struggle, nothing comes without faults, it’s on us to deal with it. And at last, we fight for the things that matter to us.

3 months old now!

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