We are all living our ‘plan B’

We heard people talking about their plan B. “I want to be a doctor but in case it won’t happen, I’ve got a plan B and that is, I’ll pursue my career in music.”; “I want to visit that place, but if my finances won’t allow then I’ll settle for Manali.”; “Today I want to go out but if rain comes, then I’ve plan B of watching a movie of my favorite  Hollywood actor.”; “ I had planned forever with her, but living alone and enjoying my own company is also not a bad idea!”

We all have our plan B. But why do we even make these plan B?

 It’s probably because we all know that life is so uncertain and it doesn’t always go our way, it doesn’t always follow our plans, it never follows our rules, our timetables, our predictions!

I believe, there’s beauty in every ‘plan B’ because it is something that gives you hope in the darkest of moments. It is something that makes you believe in yourself when nobody does!

To live a successful life, every plan A needn’t to be successful, make your plan B, C, D, or Infinity; whichever suits you.

And in the end, nobody’s life is perfect, so stop comparing yourself with others if their plan A worked and yours didn’t.





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