Little things

How weird is it that we all are grown enough to take our own decisions and make plans that don’t necessarily fulfill the expectations of our parents, and on the other hand our parents still look for their small child in us?

We’re busy finding our true selves, our hobbies, our likes, and dislikes, our career choices. In romantic relationships, We invest a lot of time in making our partners happy and satisfied, But we forget to give a bit of attention to our parents. We talk to our friends the whole day but forget to ask our mother about how she feels.

I feel weird when people around me talk about mental health but don’t consider that their parents can also suffer from it. While talking about it, they only consider people of their age, the young generation. Why? Can’t our parents suffer from it too?

My point here is that it’s okay to grow up, it’s okay to have your own adventures, your plans but it’s surely not okay to forget someone who has raised you with all their love.

Make time for them. Surprise them as you surprise your best friend. Talk to them, ask them about their day, about how they feel.

It’s okay to grow up but once in a while, be a child that they see in you.

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