Is it necessary to have happy endings?

If you want a happy ending, it just depends on where you close the book.

Why do we watch movies? Maybe because we all want an escape from our daily lives and experience something that can’t be experienced in real life. We watch movies because they show us happy endings, we watch movies because, at their end, everything comes to the perfect place. And It’s perfectly fine for movies to end in such a way.

But the problem starts arising when we start comparing our ‘real lives’ with the ‘reel lives’ of actors in a particular movie. Tell me, Did Kabir and Priti’s story end as soon as they got married? Have Geet and Aditya lived their ‘happily ever after?’ (Bollywood movies)The answer is something we don’t really know. Because it’s where the movie ended. But in real life, we’ve waves of good times and bad times. So if we want our happy endings then we’ve to end our story somewhere between good times.

If you want your love story to be happy, then forget about everything that happened after he/she said ‘yes’, or stop telling your story after you’ve got married. If you want your story to be happy, then don’t tell people about incidents that broke you even after receiving your dream job. Just don’t tell anything that makes it bitter. Life is a hotchpotch of emotions, it doesn’t always stay the same.

In Geeta, it is rightly pointed out that the ‘change’ is the
Law of the universe and so, being the part of this huge universe, this law applies to every individual on this planet.
Here, We need to stop comparing our lives with the half and false stories of happy endings. instead, we should focus on what better can we do to shape our imperfectly perfect happy endings.

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