We love illusions because it gives us an escape from reality.

In around 428 BC, There was a philosopher called Plato who told the world, “The reality is the shadow of ideas.” To put this into simpler words, he meant that, the world we live in is nothing but an illusion, it is the shadow of the real world, the world of ideas.

To explain this further, he gave an example of the allegory of cave. It goes like this;

Allegory of the cave. Image source: medium.com

Suppose some people are sitting inside the cave with their hands tied and their back is towards the mouth of the cave. These people are looking at the shadow of the things outside the world formed on the wall of the cave. Since they have not yet seen the real things, they consider these shadows on the wall as reality. Now, if somebody tells them that “The world you’re living in is not real, it’s just a shadow, to see the real world, you’ve to step outside of this cave.” Initially, when people will come out of the cave, they will feel pain in their eyes because they hadn’t yet seen the light of the sun, they were just watching shadows that were created by its light itself. But at the end, they realize that they were in an illusion, and what they were thinking was just the shadow of reality.

Now after understanding this, let’s come back to where we are. Like many people, I don’t believe in such theories and think that the world we live in is real, because here, we can touch, feel, and experience everything around us.

You will wonder what was the point of telling all this, right? Let me tell you. Nowadays there’s a craze going on called the Metaverse. Those who are well acquainted with technologies will surely be knowing this. It is basically an artificially created digital world where people can interact, play games, communicate, with each other in different spaces. To get a clear picture, I’ll suggest watching movies like ‘The matrix’ and ‘Iron man’.

Picture: Metaverse

Now, if we believe in Plato’s words, the metaverses will be ‘illusionary worlds under the already existing illusionary world, that is the earth.” How much confusion! Right?

The point I want to make here is, as Plato said that the existing cause of all the misery is ignorance, people don’t want to get out of illusion and focus on their attention on what is real. The same is the case today. Why create a fake world leaving behind the world that is real, that is sustaining us? why create a metaverse for some handful of people who can afford it? Why create another world, if we’re not yet grateful for the real one? Do we really need another space like metaverse or another planet like Mars? Isn’t our earth enough? Can’t we focus all our energy on improving what we already have and making it more inclusive instead of running after something that we are not even sure of its existence and how it can better human lives? The answer to all these questions is simple, it’s because we love illusions. After all, it gives us an escape from reality. It saves us from the pain of seeing the sun, that is the truth!

I might sound pessimistic in my views. Some will call, “it works like that otherwise how do we evolve?” I agree with that, but I’m just opposed to the idea where we are just running after something more, leaving our destruction behind and doing nothing for it, except to leave it in tragedy. And thumping our backs for creating or finding something better than we’ve already destructed.

3 thoughts on “We love illusions because it gives us an escape from reality.

  1. cradle to grave
    crest of each knave
    collect hunt and gather
    slash and burn
    live and learn
    aloe left alone
    stubbed the toe
    so i hold my head high
    and back straight


  2. Metaverse is like living inside plato’s cave, but now blindfolded. It took us further away from self actualization, and thenself discovery. Now coming out of that cave is going to be more difficult.
    A very well articulated thought !☺️

    Liked by 1 person

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