What gets valued in the end?

It is harsh to accept that people value you based on how much you earn, what you do professionally or educationally, how much big a city you live in etc.

Everybody says that it’s kindness and humility that get valued in the end. But what about when it’s not the end? When life is still going on? Why do we have to count on a person’s good only when he’s dead? Why do we have to make them feel like they’ve achieved nothing by being kind when they’re alive?

We’re really a hypocrite who value good things only when there are some ulterior motives attached to them. We forget a person’s kindness when we’ve achieved everything by taking their help. We forget how someone had helped us when we were down in the dumps and tried to pull us together with their whole efforts.

We’re selfish beings who elevate someone to God’s position when we need them and in the next moment, we behave as if they didn’t exist in the first place.

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