Clouds are like us!

When I look at cloudsI feel as if they're like us When they're at peace and joy,They wear the happy colorsLike orange, red, and silver And when they're gloomy and sadBecause of holding so much inside them,They turn grey and black And when they can't hold their despair for long,They just fallFall in the form … Continue reading Clouds are like us!


When I look at your eyesThe only thing I find thereIs love When I look at your eyesThe surge of happiness runs through my veinsPounding them in the rhythmJust like your breaths When I look at your eyesI see a pure innocence of a kindI've never seen it anywhere When I look at your eyesMy … Continue reading Farishta!

Be your own poetry!

उसने मुझसे कहा की, "मैं कवि तो नहीं, मगर किसी की  कविता ज़रूर बनना चाहती हूं।" तब मैंने मन ही मन में सोचा की, " अगर किसीने मुझे अपनी कविता बनाना ही ना चाहा तो? तभी अंदर से एक आवाज़ आई, "ये कहां लिखा है की तुम खुदके लिए कविता नहीं लिख सकते? ये कहां … Continue reading Be your own poetry!

Home within!

For many, home refers to a place where they've spent their childhood or where they've lived with their parents.But for me, home is a feeling!Home is your comforting place.Home is something that you carry within yourself. For many, home means another "special person".But for me, home means being "own kind of special" with yourself.Home is … Continue reading Home within!