What gets valued in the end?

It is harsh to accept that people value you based on how much you earn, what you do professionally or educationally, how much big a city you live in etc. Everybody says that it's kindness and humility that get valued in the end. But what about when it's not the end? When life is still … Continue reading What gets valued in the end?

Is it necessary to have happy endings?

If you want a happy ending, it just depends on where you close the book. Why do we watch movies? Maybe because we all want an escape from our daily lives and experience something that can't be experienced in real life. We watch movies because they show us happy endings, we watch movies because, at … Continue reading Is it necessary to have happy endings?

Be your own poetry!

उसने मुझसे कहा की, "मैं कवि तो नहीं, मगर किसी की  कविता ज़रूर बनना चाहती हूं।" तब मैंने मन ही मन में सोचा की, " अगर किसीने मुझे अपनी कविता बनाना ही ना चाहा तो? तभी अंदर से एक आवाज़ आई, "ये कहां लिखा है की तुम खुदके लिए कविता नहीं लिख सकते? ये कहां … Continue reading Be your own poetry!

Home within!

For many, home refers to a place where they've spent their childhood or where they've lived with their parents.But for me, home is a feeling!Home is your comforting place.Home is something that you carry within yourself. For many, home means another "special person".But for me, home means being "own kind of special" with yourself.Home is … Continue reading Home within!