The smell of first rain!

You were like the smell of first rain,You faded away like it does when rain falls again and again! I still remember when we immersed ourselves in the pouring rain,Trying to forget our trauma and past pains. The smell of first rain has something to do with you,What it does, I still have no clue. … Continue reading The smell of first rain!

Happiness is a choice – part 2

In the first part, we've talked about how our mindset decides our happiness. In this part, I would love to share with you an incident that will melt your heart and make you want to live more with whatever little you have. This incident happened when my friends and I were sitting on the side … Continue reading Happiness is a choice – part 2

Home within!

For many, home refers to a place where they've spent their childhood or where they've lived with their parents.But for me, home is a feeling!Home is your comforting place.Home is something that you carry within yourself. For many, home means another "special person".But for me, home means being "own kind of special" with yourself.Home is … Continue reading Home within!