Healing is a feeling!

What does healing feel like?

It feels like two souls talking, who deeply want to know each other’s scars and embrace them anyway.

It feels like getting things off your chest without the fear of getting judged

It feels like washing away all the dirt from your heart that was making things blurry and scary

It feels like flying high in the sky knowing that you know no bounds.

It feels like looking into the eyes of the person in the mirror and admiring her for the way she handled all that was dreadful

It feels like being proud of yourself, of every inch of your body and soul

It feels like giving birth to a new ‘you’ who’s better prepared to face the cruelty of this world and at the same time not making it a reason to be cold

It feels like not remembering the past trauma every time something similar happens in present. Instead, face it with all your heart

Healing is a long journey. It feels traumatic sometimes.
But at the end, healing is everything you should do for yourself

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