That bench, it was never the same for everyone!

isn’t it strange how we all leave different memories in a same place

That garden bench in the corner,
When a girl reaches there
It reminds her of their first date when he had given her a rose whose scent still lingers around her soul
While the other boy remembers the last meet he had with his lover, painful and fatal
in this exact place, this bench

Again someone heard the giggling sounds of their friends when last time they were there
Remembering past memories, and creating new ones
exact on this bench

A mid-aged woman remembers
How she used to capture the sky on her phone
Every time she missed her husband she’d left after an ugly divorce
sitting on this exact bench

A mother remembers how she used to sit here
After teaching her daughter how to take tiny little steps in the right direction
Exact on this same bench

Some relationships blossomed
Some succumbed to death
Some were cheerful
Some were as gloomy as hell
Some moments felt like the time has stopped still
Some felt like it has flown away in the mist
On this same bench

The bench was never the same for everyone
But it was the same in one sense
It haunted everyone
Those who had good memories
And the others with bad ones too!

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